Our 2014 show was Bad Girls – The Musical which ran at the Duchess Theatre  in Long Eaton from Tuesday 4th until Saturday 8th March.

This original British musical is based on characters and stories from the award winning and hugely popular ITV television drama series and was developed by the show’s creators, but you don’t need to have seen the TV series to enjoy the show! Set in the fictional HMP Larkhall, it’s the story of the new idealistic Wing Governor Helen Stewart and her battles with the entrenched old guard Principal Officer Jim Fenner and his sidekick Sylvia Hollamby. It also follows the love story that develops between Helen and one of the inmates Nikki and a tragic death on the wing – in which Jim is implicated. An angry protest from the women forces Helen and Nikki to their opposite sides of the bars, but when it’s clear that Helen stands to lose her job over Jim’s misdeeds, the race is on for the women to nail him once and for all.