NODA Review of Little Shop Of Horrors

A very talented cast and production team… together with a magnificent Audrey 2 … was certainly the best I have seen to date.

So this NODA rep walks into a Little Shop and says … well, actually very nice things! Especially considering this was our opening night and if anything’s going to go wrong, this is usually when it’ll happen. However, I don’t think we could have asked for a better opening night, with a very nearly full house. Here’s the NODA review of the show:

“This was a great production with plenty of action and lots of fun. Martin (Holtom – Director) made full use of the set and the talented company conveying the atmosphere of the period. Dave (Dallard – Musical Director)  achieved a high musical standard from the pit and stage together with a nice interpretation, particularly in the quieter moments. There were excellent performances from Craig Arme and Emily Marshall-Sims as Seymour and Audrey both vocally and in character portrayal, particularly in “Suddenly Seymour”.

John Maddison provided a very good performance as Mr Mushnik, the character came over just right. Christopher Collington made quite an impact as Orin making the most of this over the top character with plenty of Elvis background. There was great singing from the “Ronnettes” with lovely harmonies. Using two groups of girls was different but it certainly paid off, adding to the quality of the music, well done girls. I liked the choreography and dance, just the right level and amount, linking well with the other stage movement. The set was very good but it was rather overshadowed in the second act by a magnificent Audrey 2, which, together with the (overheated!) operators was certainly the best I have seen to date. Lighting and costumes all added to the occasion and efficient stage management kept the show flowing at all times. This Society does introduce newcomers to the stage and did so in this production and I am sure they will have enjoyed the experience and gained a lot from working with a very talented cast and production team. It was a very enjoyable evening and a very entertained audience.”