Review of “9 to 5” by Playhouse Musings

Playhouse Musings came to see “9 to 5” and posted a review on their website. You can read the full review here but here are some of the things they had to say about the show:


“Rob Corner did a great job of tackling this fairly unknown musical, as Director, using every part of the stage to bring this show to life… wrestling with what could have been quite a confusing show. “9 to 5” rockets along at a blistering pace, juggling a lot of plot threads, and doesn’t always do so with great effect…With big performances, and the right amount of focus brought to each character (enhanced with costume and lighting), this was a show that we could follow and enjoy.”

“In addition to the superb harmonies displayed throughout the show, and the wide range of music displayed (although mostly with a country twang), Dave [Dallard -MD] had to keep the band and performers in time with a pre-recorded video of Dolly Parton herself. Bookending the show with narration, the back wall was filled with these projections, which had to be lined up with the music perfectly. Dave did an exemplary job of keeping these two running side-by-side… Injecting life into many of the numbers, Siobhan [Parker’s] choreography helped lift this production even higher.”

“Violet Newstead (Carolyn Smith) has wasted years in the office bullpen, always being passed up for promotions, which are subsequently offered to a less qualified man instead. …The contrast of the swagger through the office, and the closed body language when subjects such as love come up, show Carolyn really understood this character well. All of this was backed up by her singing, which carried her through the differing musical numbers with ease.”

“Judy Bernly (Beth Yearsley) is new to the world of work, having previously been a kept woman, and wanting to prove her worth in the face of her cheating husband. Beth showed the transition from wide-eyed innocence to strong independence, perfectly, and did more to showcase why this group is called “The Cast”. As with Carolyn,  she embodied the character, and had every member of the audience rooting for her. Her comedic timing was on point too, with some of the biggest laughs rising from the naivete of her character. This was all, once again, backed up with a beautiful singing voice. Beth let emotion course through her whilst delivering some of the more sombre numbers, and was responsible for some of my favourite songs within the musical.”

“Doralee Rhodes (Rachelle Bragg) … Rachelle played this obvious caricature of Dolly Parton with great energy, and created what became one of my favourite characters. Her delightful Texan accent was consistent throughout, and did much to hide the sorrows beneath. Just imagine Dolly Parton herself, and you’ll get an idea of the character Rachelle brought to the stage.”

“Franklin Hart, Jr. (Chris Collington). Hart is the bigoted, narcissistic, CEO of the company our leading ladies work for, and the bane of everyone’s lives. … In addition to the nasty side of this character, there were an awful lot of laughs elicited from the audience by Chris. His comedic timing is impeccable, and helped make this a thoroughly rounded character.”

Roz Keith (Cheryl Camm) … Her piercing voice and grating personality made for a detestable character, which was the perfect addition to the show. Her sultry number directed towards an absent Hart was hilariously unexpected, and pulled many a chuckle from the audience… Joe (Rob Holsman) was the hopeless romantic chasing after Violet. Rob didn’t have a huge amount to work with here, but didn’t let that pull him back. The timid and unsure Joe was portrayed perfectly, and his duet with Violet was sang beautifully.”

“In addition to these two, there were various other characters that popped their heads in from time-to-time, usually with a quick quip, and all did well to lift the show even further each time. The chorus blended seamlessly into the action, and performed the choral numbers with great gusto and energy.”

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