A Little Light Interval Music

Saturdays are, in almost all cases in theatre-land, Matinee Day. The day where you turn up unfeasibly early (for a theatre), perform your whole show through once from around 2pm, then have a couple of hours of limbo-time before doing it all again at 7.30, where you battle this strange feeling of deja-vu … although its not really deja-vu because you have actually just sung that line, delivered that scene, fed that loved one to a giant triffid …

Disconcerting experiences aside, there’s also the question of what do you do in those spare hours? There’s usually not enough time to go home and have a kip, its an odd time to go for a meal, so usually you just … well … muck about.

When The Cast were performing Little Shop of Horrors, we decided that the temptation to have some fun with the amazing Audrey 2 puppets was too much to resist. So we ordered in some pizza and created our own version of a Muppet Classic!