Mrs Overall Takes A Test Drive

This week, on the suggestion of Miss Berta, we decided it was time for Mrs Overall to have a test-drive of stairliftMrs O Stairlift 2 to ease the burden on her fallen arches. So armed only with her self-heating carpet bag and a knitted crash helmet, we scoured the stairways and byways of Manchesterford in search of the perfect levitationary chariot.

There was a lot to consider – would the decent be smooth enough to prevent an unfortunate spillage? Are the controls simple enough for even the simplest of minds? Does the seat offer the level of comfort necessitated by a lady of her … condition? Would it be too large for the back passage? With all of this to weigh up – and an episode of Howard’s Way to watch when we got home – we were delighted to find the fantastic Acorn Stairlift you can see in the video.


Award-winning show gets a real lift from Acorn

When Mrs Overall makes her entrance in April’s production of Victoria Wood’s award-winning Acorn Antiques the Musical at the Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton, it will be on a genuine Acorn Stairlift, on loan from the Yorkshire-based firm. Victoria Wood has even changed the words of one of her songs to include the Acorn Stairlifts name.

Five-times BAFTA award winner and the nation’s comedy sweetheart, Victoria Wood, has said Mrs Overall’s grand entrance on the Acorn Stairlift is “one of the centrepieces” of the show which has been adopted by theatre groups across the country.

Acorn Stairlifts is one of the largest suppliers of stairlifts in the world, with hundreds installed in the Stockport area alone. The company offers a free stairlift for every UK production of the show.

“We were first approached by another amateur group in Manchester asking to borrow a stairlift to use in the show,” said Acorn’s Company Secretary Dave Belmont. “Since then we have offered our stairlifts to every group producing the musical across the country and are delighted to assist ‘the Cast’ with their version of the show 15th-19th March 2016.

“Acorn can install a stairlift within hours of receiving an order, even on special curved staircases, so it is an easy task to install one on the stage for this excellent production.”

Victoria Wood has also added her thanks to Acorn: “I am delighted Acorn Stairlifts are helping local groups to stage Acorn Antiques the Musical by supplying a free stairlift. The scene with Mrs Overall on a stairlift is one of the centrepieces of the show.”

Acorn Antiques the Musical is being performed at the Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton, from Tuesday 15th – Saturday 19th March 2016. For tickets, please call 07790 633939.